My weather collection

It was an average Cloudy Christmas afternoon @ 12°C in temperature when I decided it would be fun collecting some weather stats from a few countries around the world where I’ve been, visited or lived. All records stored in a @mysql database at home.

Here is where I started collecting weather records, but not all records I collect today I use to collect in the past as you can see.

For those locations I have been collecting for a while I am able to compare temperatures as shown in this next picture, unfortunately, the data I have is limited so can’t compare what I haven’t got like Edinburgh is shown.

Now a couple of years later and thousands of records later I can a wider collection of weathers around the world, obviously still limited to the number of cities but a greater selection than I started. Here are the latest details collected just a few minutes ago.

For those wanting to start collecting weather data, I have attached my original weather script collect_weather_v0.1 that will display the weather and save it into a MySQL database.

If you do choose to use the script you will need to get a FREE API key from Open Weather API here.

Please find attached the MySQL schema required by the script in a database called weather, but feel free to create your own.

If anyone stores any other cities, similar to the details I have and wish to share please let me know, I am happy to swap my weather records for others. Just send me a direct message on Twitter @gcclinux