My SLT Ubuntu Style android

So as I have not bought a Ubuntu phone yet and like the idea of having one and its style I found a more simpler way to get the Ubuntu feeling while still having my android phone.

So first you need to install Smart Launcher 3, availble in your Google App Store as show in this picture.


The next thing you will need to do is install the SLT Ubuntu Style also available in the Google App Store on your android phone.


Ones you install it and launche it, you will find it very customisable and very user friendly, adding icons, themes & looks.

Go to settings and select the SLT Ubuntu Style as you will see it being available and this is what your phone could like like if you want your Android phone to look like a Ubuntu phone.


CLicking on addicional apps bottom square on the left you have all your other applications also categories.


Enjoy it, I know I liked it. 🙂