Areca Backup – Personal Solution

Recently I wanted to backup all my programming files into a save/remote location and although I have a rsync script, and I can use scp over ssh and even utilise the built in utility that is provided with Ubuntu distributions, I wanted something in Java as I am a bit of a Java fan, so gone out did some research and found Areca a nice simple and very useful backup utility.


I run it for several days, performed backups & restores and decided to contact the developer to see if I it was OK for me to package the application for Linux as it was available only as a executable JAR file with no icons, desktop file or menu entry.

So here is the packages, currently available for Ubuntu distributions tested on Ubuntu, Linux Lite & Mint. All packages are available in 32Bit & 64Bit separately as the Areca developer has included separate libraries for separate architectures.

I’ve done the research and the packaging so you can enjoy it.

Now you can Enjoy it.

Developer’s Main site
Developer’s Screenshot
GccLinux – Linux Packages