I am a enthusiastic developer with no developing purpose, I have a full time day job and this is my hobby there for all Applications developed and distributed here are in the hope that it may or may not be useful, but all supplied WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

Name Version Description Download
Smalltarbkp 2.0 Bash – Smalltarbkp is a Linux backup script Provided by
Pi – BMR 1.0 Raspberry Pi BMR backup script Provided by
 SmallTextPad  1.3.1 SmallTextPad is a Small Java Text Editor Provided by
OrangeCalc 1.5.8 Small & Simple Calculator! Provided by

Should you like any of the application, find it useful or decided to support a FREEWARE developer feel FREE to donate what you think it’s worth.
Those are FREEWARE applications bound by the FREEWARE license, here is the definition is the FREEWARE license.

Freeware is copyrighted computer software which is made available for use free of charge, for an unlimited time. Authors of freeware often want to “give something to the community”, but also want to retain control of any future development of the software.

Enjoy it and please let me know what you think @gcclinux on twitter