NicSpeed.bash v1.1

NicSpeed is a small bash script that I’ve found in my personal script library that was written years ago by who I don’t know but the original script was called at least that is what is was back in the days.

Just to give an idea how long ago it was the LAN speed representation was on in KB/s or B/s so that was a very long time go.

So in short I’ve added some credit to whoever that may have been the original author and created at some point in the late 20th century.

The script NicSpeed can easily be downloaded and run on most terminals with a single command and the network interface name “NIC”

Here is a screenshot of me running it on all NIC’s

What has been modified is the following, created a header in the script as well as setting it up with bash environment, variable CHECK_MARK, Calculate in MB, updated return characters to display B/s, KB/s & MB/s in a single line in a loop.

All commentary apart from the header are original explaining what each line is doing so it’s easier to understand.

Here are the instructions of 5 little and simple steps to follow…
1) Download the link
2) Save as NicSpeed.bash

3) Check the code for yourself.
4) chmod +x NicSpeed.bash
5) NicSpeed.bash <nic_name>

$ ./NicSpeed.bash enp5s0



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