SCMD – v0.4

Hello, happy to share yet another update on #SCMD a search command script that allows users to search for commands I already uploaded but also create your own list of commands rather than storing it in a text file.

This version has an added flag -m for more information so that in future we can continue developing and improving the script with the idea of a command reference chatbot but we are not there yet as we need many more commands to help us get there.

Anyway, this version and the additional flag -m was contributed by a twitter user @shankarmvg1 and there for thanks for helping me improve this script.
Here is a screenshot of the upgrade for those that already have #SCMD installed

If you do not have #SCMD installed there here is the instruction for the setup. SCMD SETUP

As you can see from this example below you can search in a wildcard

but you can also search specific syntax if you know which or what you are looking for.

Anyway I am far from ready into making this into a command search chatbot and perhaps #bash will not be the way forward but please lets create a large enough #command list and -share it so I can continue working on the #command search chatbot šŸ™‚