SCMD v0.6 update

SCMD is a search command script written in bash that allows users to search for commands that have been shared and uploaded. SCMD also allows users to create their list of commands and store it locally in a CSV format rather than storing it in a plain text file.

Additional commands are often added and I encourage all users to share the commands saved locally so we can increase the list of commands even more.

The change from v0.5 to v0.6 is that I’ve added a “-l” option for those that wish to search only their own locally created list of commands.

There is an instruction page here that gives you the most benefit with the setup and usability. You can also just follow those few simple steps.

1) Open terminal / Command line
2) cd $HOME
3) wget -q -O scmd
4) chmod 755 scmd
5) ./scmd -upgrade
6) source ~/.bashrc
7) scmd

Any questions or suggestions please feel free to ping on twitter @gcclinux