Smalltarbkp as it says in its name is a small tar backup script that was written in bash shell scripting designed for simplicity and purposely for the use on my Linux desktop & Laptop, this script is easy to use, easy to modify for those that want to improve, change or embed their own custom controls or reports.

This new version 2.5 includes a new flag that allows users to specify when listing images or restoring what backup image to list using -s pattern


$ smalltarbkp [-purge-backup] [-local|-cloud]
$ smalltarbkp [-purge-backup] [-local|-cloud] [-s pattern]
$ smalltarbkp [-images] [-local|-cloud] [-retrieve|-report]
$ smalltarbkp [-images] [-local|-cloud] [-retrieve|-report] [-s pattern]

The script smalltarbkp does not keep any configuration files making it easily possible to host multiple copies of the script each with its own name and purpose keeping all updates, configurations, and details within itself.
The flexibility of the script is not only that its easy to use, easy to modify for those with scripting knowledge but also having the flexibility to use it as is with many options for a different type of backups, retentions, folders, systems, target location even cloud and all with a few simple interactive questions.

Using -s pattern to show only the bkp-scripts images

Full documentation is here
Any questions or suggestions please feel free to ping on twitter @gcclinux

For quick download run the following command:
$ wget -qO smalltarbkp