smalltarbkp v2.6

Small tar backup script (smalltarbkp ) as it says in the name it was written in bash shell scripting designed for simplicity and purposely for Linux systems, this script is easy to use, easy to modify for those that want to improve, change or embed their own custom controls or reports.

There have not been any updates for a while but recently I found my self in need to be able to backup individual files & folders and rather than adding a single path per backup as I was doing I wanted to simply parse a list of files & folders and therefore the ability to use a simple include list was added.

Latest Version

I have included a link here to the full installation and how to use documentation created for the previews version. View

Simple steps to install it:

$ mkdir ~/backup
$ cd ~/backup
$ wget -qO smalltarbkp
$ chmod 755 smalltarbkp
$ echo “alias smalltarbkp=’~/backup/smalltarbkp’” >> ~/.bashrc
$ source ~/.bashrc

$ smalltarbkp -configure

After that, all you have to do is run backups. You can backup locally or to the cloud in this case

The documentation contact example how to script it, how to add backups to crontab and how to perform restores.