This is a small tar backup script (smalltarbkp ) as it says in the name it was written in bash shell scripting designed for simplicity and purposely for Linux systems, this script is easy to use, easy to modify for those that want to improve, change or embed their own custom controls or reports.
This is it’s 3rd version now with MYSQL included to easily configure your database backups.

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The current version of smalltarbkp provides the following features:

* Self-contained script (no config files)
* TAR based backups
* Compression
* Encryption
* Local backups
* Cloud-based backups
* PATH based backups
* Include list based backups
* MYSQL/MariaDB based backups
* Backup images reporting
* Backup Retention period

New version 3.0 now provides the ability to easily backups MYSQL/MariaDB databases without having to create scripts or manually run mysqldump

Example os MYSQL schema only backup

Any issues or problems, please let me know as I’ll be happy to fix it, correct it or implement new features.
Full documentation and instructions available HERE


With that in mind feel free to contact me on twitter @gcclinux at any time or send me a direct message or request.