SmallTextPad 1.4.5

SmallTextPad is a Simple Java Text Editor and 100% FREE Application, it was written in Java and therefore requires a minimum of JRE 11+ installed on your System unless you compile it and package it in snap or flatpak, SmallTextPad has several features already and is still being developed in my spare time.


  • Open, Close, Edit, Save & print (txt) and (sstp) format files!
  • Main menu, floating menu & right click menu
  • Allows you to encrypt and decrypt your (text) files
  • Provides a full history of what was opened, saved, encrypted or decrypted.

3rd Party – License

  • Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC BY 3.0
  • Java is a trademark or registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates.
  • Any other names may be trademarks of their respective owners!
  • Download OpenJDK from Adoptium

Developer Details

Available for Download at github