Mining the new DERO HE.

DERO is a general purpose, private, and scalable decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications, while users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy.

1) Create a new DERO HE Wallet, even if you already have an old DERO Atlantis wallet.

2) Convert your old currency Atlantis crypto to DERO HE

3) Start mining for the NEW DERO-HE STARGATE Mainnet

Windows, Linux, ARM (Odroid, PI4, etc)
Extract your relate platform and enter on command line.
Linux = Terminal
Windows = PowerShell

Command example using – (SWAP Wallet address for your OWN)

./dero-miner-linux-arm64 –wallet-address dero1qynlhae58ceczqyj84j00t768an6mr4pjl7kx387dc5ptr2sl6h22qq9wf2wm –daemon-rpc-address

./dero-miner-linux-amd64 –wallet-address dero1qynlhae58ceczqyj84j00t768an6mr4pjl7kx387dc5ptr2sl6h22qq9wf2wm –daemon-rpc-address

.\dero-miner-windows-amd64.exe –wallet-address dero1qynlhae58ceczqyj84j00t768an6mr4pjl7kx387dc5ptr2sl6h22qq9wf2wm –daemon-rpc-address