DERO-HE STARGATE Mainnet Release49

DERO-HE Stargate new release 49 released. In Release49, Simulator is provided by default as binary for testing and official miner is optimized to provide better hashrates on all platforms of CPU. if you are using official miner then expect boost of several times in hashrates..
In Release49, Only Miner update is required.

DERO is a general purpose, private, and scalable decentralized application platform that allows developers to deploy powerful and unstoppable applications, while users retain total control over their assets with complete privacy.

The latest version of your Dero Stargate miner & wallet can be found here for your specific platform.

Once you downloaded and extracted from it’s tar.gz, zip file depending on your platform you can start mining with the followig commands.

1) Create a new DERO HE Wallet, even if you already have an old DERO Atlantis wallet.

2) Convert your old currency Atlantis crypto to DERO HE

3) Start mining using either your own node or to make it easier I have setup a public node that can be used by anyone, RPC address:

Windows, Linux, ARM (Odroid, PI4, etc)
Extract your relate platform and enter on command line.
Linux = Terminal
Windows = PowerShell / CommandLine

Command example using – (SWAP Wallet address for your OWN)

./dero-miner-linux-arm64 –wallet-address <WALLET> –daemon-rpc-address

./dero-miner-linux-amd64 –wallet-address <WALLET> –daemon-rpc-address

.\dero-miner-windows-amd64.exe –wallet-address <WALLET> –daemon-rpc-address

Any questions please let me know on this Discord Server / Channel