Back in 2019 I wrote a shell script called #scmd (search commands) and while it has served me well but the issues was it only worked on Linux running specific commands like gawk and it was slow.
Here was the last post I made when I reached 500 commands. (smcd bash)

So now I’ve created a new #scmd application written in Go compiled for 4 different platforms Linux (aarch64 & amd64), Darwin (aarch64) as well as windows (amd64).

The other difference is other than CLI availability this new version has a Web UI also for those that prefer using a GUI UI, also this version of SCMD utilises my tardigrade-mod also available on

Current version of the SMD CLI & UI is v1.0.1 with 4 available executable to try out, still only a hand full of commands but it’s a start.


1 – Download v1.0.1
2 – ./scmd-Linux-x86_64 –download
3 – ./scmd-Linux-x86_64 –search “go get update”

“id”: 27,
“key”: “$ go get -u”,
“data”: “Go command to update all required mods configured on the mod.go file”

Why not try the new WEB UI
4 – ./scmd-Linux-x86_64 –web

UI Search
add new command