FourorLess my first App

Back in 2012 I decided I wanted to learn a programming language and after looking online and reading about everything that was available, #Java seemed the easiest to learn with the most online examples and communities also the only one that I could easily develop and have it running in multiple platforms.

So I started to create a app, but what? Well after figuring a few things out it started to take shape and it became a sort of a guess game, I had finally developed something but then work and life got in the way and it was more than a year learnable when I started it all over again developing that calculator that is available for download.

So here we are almost 3 years since I completed FourorLess the game, I again showing you what is was I created with sharing the game, full source code on the application page but also if you only want to see the code here it is my first java file.

FourOrLess the java code

And if you want to see what the game looks like when compiled then here it is…








The game and the source code is also available in the application download page, I hope you enjoy it if you have any comment please join me here and post it.