Java JDiskReport

JDiskReport 1.4

Being a java fan and always looking for new utilities and apps written in java that I can use, utilise or benefit from, I have found this great Disk Reporting tool compatible with several java versions and as I am running java 8 and also tested with java 7 I can say the app runs and perform as expected with each version.


I have added a screenshot of the JDiskReport Scanning my home drive, obviously you are able to choose what to scan or even scan the full system which I found very interesting as I found a whole directory that I created a long time ago for dumping files that I did not care but did not want to delete it and after this report I managed to delete about 25GB of old stuff. šŸ™‚


Ones the scan is complete and have a number or views, options and settings the JDiskReport can provide and just for information here is a screenshot of the total size of my home drive, you can click on the slice of the pie and drill down several layers to see where the largest files, are, oldest, etc


Another very useful TAB I found in the JDiskReport is the Modified date, so basically the age of your files, I personally can’t believe I had files over 10 years old but the majority are my old photos and pictures taken over the years.


JDiskReport is a freeware software and available for download via it’s respective developers site in jar format or exe format for windows but I have contacted the developer and requested if I can package the software in DEB and RPM format to facilitate the utilisation of the utility.

For now if anyone is interested the utility is available in it’s native format direct from the developers site.

Jgoodies – JDiskReport

Anyway question let me know, for support please post/request your questions direct with the developer.