Tergum Backup 085

The development for Tergum Backup software continues and although slow as I have been feel poorly with a cold in the last few days I am hoping  to get back into the development again very soon.

The development is divided in 4 part and each is just as important as the other.

  1. Core development and functionality of the backup side of the software.
  2. Core development and functionality of the restore side of the software.
  3. Server side remote console. Example:

4. Client side admin console. (Less Mature) Example:

Meanwhile there is so much more to add, develop, improve and amend and make me think that at the rate I am finding time to do all of it it and add everything I want to make available, working on day one it will be years before I will complete this project, but I am in no rush so I will continue having fun and enjoying myself when I am creating, developing, coding 🙂