smalltarbkp.bash – version 1.2


As I have been running the script for a couple of days I’ve come across a couple of bugs that was not a issue as long as you where running a single instance of the script for a particular directory/folder.

Well what I’ve done instead of using the top directory /home/ricardo I drilled down and created in crontab several instances of the scrip and each specifying individual folders…

What I’ve forgotten was that every run of the script it increments the FULL backup count variable as there was a single count, so modified the script to use the -name “VARIABLE” as a counter VARIABLE so that each volume, folder will have it’s own counter and there for issue fixed 🙂 I have also added the -help for convenience.

The full script / source is now available but I only had it running for one evening so there may be additional features or bugs I will find or improve further down the line.

Enjoy it and please let me know what you think @tergum_pro on twitter