Working on smalltarbkp.bash!

I’ve thought in posting some news for those that has requested it a enhancement a while ago, I am currently on holiday and while that is great on it’s own I am enjoying spending time playing with my development tools and scripts.

So I have been requested to include “2” new features

1) configuration / setup option (DONE)
2) backup to the cloud (IN PROGRESS)

I recently was asked if the smalltarbkp.bash could backup to a cloud and while there is nothing stopping in the current version people pointing the target to a cloud folder and let the client sync the data to the cloud, i’ve decided to work on the scrip so that not only you will be able to backup to the cloud but you also do not have to have a client sync running continuously as that is a constrain in resources CPU / MEMORY, etc

Once the script is ready you will be able to run a setup or more to the point “-configure” and add the details and run backup as normal, with a difference that if you chose to backup to the cloud it will run your backup, encrypt your backup and then create a socket connection to the cloud, upload all your files and then disconnect without having to have a continuous sync client running.

I have chose as it provides 50GB for FREE, provide linux/raspberry clients as well as command tools that I will be using in this script.

This is how far I’ve got to today…
This is still working progress so it will be a little longer before I release version 1.6 of my smalltarbkp.bash script, but don’t loose hope it’s coming. 🙂

Enjoy it and please let me know what you think @tergum_pro on twitter


→ Recommend book to script in Linux / Raspberry