Before I start I want to point out this is not a corporate site nor a corporate company, my names is Ricardo Wagemaker (Dutch) and although a old timer in IT I am only now starting to learn programming, I have done SHELL scripting and even some PERL scripting in the past but that is as far as I have done professionally so don’t expect much from me.

From a personal side I have developed some site for personal use, using PHP & HTML and I have been using MySQL at home for several years now to store data and information. (Sorry to state the obvious here).

Anyway I have a full time job that is not programming nor I have any dealings with programming during my day job BUT I wanted a new challenge and although some may say I am a bit too old to start learning programming at this stage in my life it is something I would really like to do, well lets hope I manage to do it.

I would really like to become a developer but most likely never as a full time job, well I doubt it anyway unless someone wants to pay me my current salary to learn at work :-). I am just an enthusiastic individual that likes learning even in my old age.

I have selected Worpress.org for this site as that allows me to blog what I doing and achieving or planning to do also allow me to post and progress and if I have something useful post. ☼

My first (1st) project here is a calculator and the reason is because all the calculator available on Linux are small fonts and small size and I want something larger, customisation with history.

Following that if I ever get that far I will think what else I want to make.

Thanks is all about me that I am willing to share 🙂 🙂 🙂