SmallPassKeeper (BETA) was inspired and in many ways, a clone from the “Universal Password Manager” available on
Sourceforge by Adrian Smith. The original UPM code used was from version 0.9.7 and has been heavily modified to my needs.
UPM is still being developed as I saw a new version been uploaded recently so don’t be shy try it out.
Anyway, SmallPassKeeper has been modified, customize and changed in many ways for my own preferences.
SmallPassKeeper is a simple and small password keeper written in Java and made for easy use and easily configurable and user-friendly.

SmallPassKeeper if also a nice companion for my online Password keeper that is currently also still in Beta and being developed further.

Currently, senpa has loads more field than smallpasskeeper so the import & export using CSV will not work cross platform but I am hoping to get that fixed soon and make them both compatible for online & offline.

SmallPassKeeper is being developed and distributed here in the hope that it may or may not be useful, but all supplied WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.


All available packages for Linux or Windows are available at the download page, as I create or update the packages they will all become available HERE.

With that in mind feel free to contact me on twitter @gcclinux at any time or send us a message in the form below.

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