Pictures tells a thousand words, so no many details required but I’ve created a calendar and sharing with anyone that wants to try having your own personal calendar, reminder, email notification, etc. Available to download at BTW this is not optimised for mobile devices, that is another project.


Good evening, I just want to share the update that I started to work on a new version of smalltarbkp that will include #nextcloud as a target and also have the ability to backup #postgreSQL databases. Current version, working well and my personal backup solution at home 😏 Version 4.1 available to download Here […]


Yet another version and what is the difference between v3 & v4 well to be honest only a few minor bugs that may or may not happen depending on how the script was being used but the biggest difference is the fact that v4 has a separate config file ${HOME}/.config/.smalltarbkp giving the ability to convert […]